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Swim School


Roxbylink swim school adopts ‘Swim and Survive’ which is a comprehensive swimming and water safety initiative of Royal Life Saving. The initiative seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills of all Australian children in order to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activity.

Our lessons run all year round in line with the school terms. Majority of lessons take place utilising our heated indoor poor, lessons in the outdoor pool may take place during the summer season when weather permits. Lessons are available to suit anyone from 6 months to adulthood.

Find out more about our swim lessons on our ‘Frequently Asked Questions page'.

How do I enrol?

Enrolment intake normally occurs a month before the beginning of term.

If you / or your child have attended our swim school before and you know what level you / or your child should enrol into. Complete our online 'Enrolment Form'. Our swim school coordinator will then contact you with class availability.

If you are not sure what level to enrol yourself or child, please follow this link to complete our 'Enrolment Enquiry Form'. This will ask questions of your or your child's water experience and give us a bit of a background to be able to recommend a level to start them in. Our swim school coordinator will then contact you with class availability.


Wonder – For children aged 6 to 36 months

Wonder is the water familiarisation component of the Swim and Survive program, designed specifically for children aged 6 to 36 months.

The Program is a child-centred program which is taught with parent or carer and child together in the water.

Wonder uses songs, games and activities to teach children a variety of skills including entries, floating, breathing and movement. Wonder has 3 awards that are arranged by age groups. Within each age group are two stages which allow for a stepping stone of progression, keeping the program challenging and rewarding. Some of the skills that are covered are balance, breathing skills, kick and arm action, going underwater, staying afloat, water safety and parent education.

Courage – For children aged 3 to 5 years

Courage is the water confidence component of the Swim and Survive program, and is designed for children aged 3 to 5 years.

The Program is fundamental to the development of basic foundation skills in swimming, survival and water safety.

Swim and Survive Courage guides children through fun and safe activities, gradually building upon their breathing, floating and movement skills; supporting and encouraging independence. The Courage program progresses from initial parental participation to children developing trust and learning through interacting independently with the instructor.

Courage has 5 awards for children to progress through as they build confidence and develop new skills. Some of the skills covered in the Courage program are Entry and exiting the water safely, Breathing and Underwater skills, survival skills, Floating and sculling skills, Movement and swimming strokes and Water Safety Education.

Active - For children aged 5 to 14 years

Active is the Swimming and Water Safety component of the Swim and Survive program, and is designed for children aged 5 - 14 years.

The skills learnt in this program not only save lives, but provide a foundation for participation in a range of aquatic recreation, fitness and sporting activities.

Swim and Survive Active is a broad and balanced program teaching a range of skills and knowledge to develop swimming, water safety, survival and basic rescue skills. With a vibrant look, and an increased focus on stroke development, Active encourages children to have a healthy respect for the aquatic environment.

The Program has 3 developing awards and 7 core awards to progress through. The initial awards focus on development of foundation skills with the higher awards building on endurance.

Meet our instructors

Alicia Lee

Hi Everyone

My name is Alicia Lee I am the Swim School Coordinator and Aquatics Team Leader at Roxbylink, I have been a swim teacher for 9 years and teaching in Roxby for 8 years. I moved to Roxby Downs in 2013 with my husband and 2 girls and I started working at the leisure centre soon after as an instructor. We planned to live in Roxby for a few years and we are still loving this community 8 years later.

Since completing my Aust Swim Teacher of Water Safety I have also completed some extension courses Infants and babies and competitive strokes and I am also an assessor. I love the age range that I am able to teach from 6months through to adults. I love how rewarding teaching can be, seeing the progress of children from term to term and the smile it puts on their face.

I look forward to getting to know more of you throughout this years swim lessons.

Shayliegh Fishwick

Hey guys!

My name is Shayliegh and I’ve recently moved to Roxby Downs from Adelaide. However I grew up in Whyalla which is where my swim teaching career started.

I have been a swim teacher since 2016 and from there have done multiple add on courses so I can work with more of a range of people. Starting this career also helped me choose Education at University, so I am also currently studying Primary Education.

My qualifications are, water and safety, infants and toddlers as well as access and inclusion. While I worked in Adelaide I worked mainly one on one with children/teens with disabilities which is something that I really enjoyed doing. I also did a lot of baby classes which is my absolute favourite class to teach alongside the 3-5 age group.
I look forward to meeting you all and can’t wait to get in the water and show everyone the different (but awesome) ways I teach.

Daniel Jackson


My name is Daniel Jackson, I’ve lived in Roxby Downs since I was born and I have been raised here for my entire life. I became a swimming instructor in 2016 the same week I graduated from University. I’ve completed a number of swimming courses since then including teaching of access and inclusion for children with disabilities, teaching of adults/infants/preschoolers, and a Masterclass course with the Legendary Swimming Teacher/Olympic Coach Laurie Lawrence. I've worked in many areas of Roxbylink over the years and currently also work at the Roxby Downs Children’s Centre.

I'll be in the water teaching on Saturday mornings, see you there.

Centaine Casserly


My name is Centaine Casserly and I have been with Roxbylink since April Fools Day back in 2010. I started working at Roxby Leisure at the age of 15, as a sport and recreation officer, I helped with centre-based sports such as Wednesday Night Netball and Thursday Night Hockey. This is also where I started my swim school career with instructors, such as, Kelly Thomson and Emma Holbrook to guide me.

I have lived in Roxby Downs my whole life, besides the 4 years I resided in Adelaide for University, however, still remained employed and worked casual shifts during school holidays. I have been a qualified swimming instructor for 7 years and a lifeguard for over a DECADE.

Growing up I use to swim and represent the Roxby Downs Swim Club in competitions, through this experience I met amazing coaches that pushed and helped me develop into the swimmer I am today. This provided me with the skills and knowledge to achieve fitness and swimming goals that I did not think I would, such as, age champion in swimming carnival at school. My experiences in Swim Club heavily played a part in why I wanted to become a swimming instructor.

I swim instruct a wide range of ages from babies to adults and can’t wait to get back into the water on Sunday mornings, see you all then!

Beth McDonald 
Mikaela Wedding 

Terms and Conditions

  • Parents/Caregivers must be present and supervise all classes for students under the age of 10 years
  • All fees must be paid prior to the first lesson, or a payment plan must be arranged
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim nappies
  • DO NOT swim if you, or your child have had vomiting or diarrhea in the past two weeks
  • Students must not be in the pool before or after their class times
  • Any changes to your contact or medical details need to be passed on to Roxbylink Swim School in writing
  • If you or your child are unwell and unable to attend please contact us at least 1 hour prior to the lesson, via email to the swim school coordinator. No credit will be given if less than 1 hours notice is given
  • Refunds are at the discretion of management and may require further documentation

Due to external factors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic conditions for attending swimming lessons may change without notice in line with SAHealth advice and SAPOL directions.

For your safety and all other patrons we ask that you practice social distancing.

Contact Information

Aquatics Team Leader

Phone: (08) 8671 0500