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Wildlife Hotline

0497 808 315

Roxby Downs Wildlife Hotline FB page

The Wildlife Hotline is a volunteer emergency response for residents of Roxby Downs to receive assistance with injured or distressed wildlife and snake handling. The service operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Following are some tips on what to do in the event you see a snake or injured wildlife.

Injured wildlife - what to do?

  • Stay with the animal if possible and call the Roxby Downs Wildlife Hotline number on 0497 808 315.
  • Calm the animal by covering it with a blanket or towel and placing it in a dark area, away from loud noises and any other pets you may have.
  • DO NOT FEED the animal. If the animal is kept warm and quiet it can survive without food for up to 12 hours.

Snake - what to do?

  • Stay calm and keep a safe distance.
  • If the snake is near houses, pets or if it is in danger of being injured call the Roxby Downs Wildlife Hotline on 0497 808 315.
  • Keep the snake within sight until a volunteer arrives.
  • DO NOT try to catch or harm the snake.

The Wildlife Hotline is an intiative of the Roxby Downs Environment Forum supported by Roxby Council and BHP.