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Food Safety at Home

At Home

Food Safety Fundamentals

By following the five simple rules in this pamphlet, it will help keep your food safe and defend yourself against food poisoning.

Wash your hands

When preparing food at home for yourself and others, there are five most important aspects you must manage to ensure food safety:

Your own personal hygiene and state of health when preparing food

  • The cleanliness of your food preparation area / environment
  • The temperature in which food is cooked
  • The prevention of the cross contamination of raw and cooked foods
  • The safe storage of raw and cooked foods

Potentially hazardous foods require special attention. Such foods include raw and cooked meats, dairy products, seafood, processed fruits and vegetables, cooked rice and pasta and foods containing eggs, beans and also nuts.

Protecting food from contamination

Food Poisoning and Contamination

The 2 Hour / 4 Hour process explains how long freshly prepared and also potentially hazardous foods can be safely held at temperatures in the danger zone, which is between 5°C and 60°C. For more information on the 2 Hour / 4 Hour process, follow this easy to read fact sheet The 2 hour/4 hour rule.