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Waste & Recycling

Roxby Council introduced an integrated kerbside collection service in 2012, with general household waste, recycling and green organics collected. The kerbside waste and recycling service is a single driver operation that services the community according to the zoned areas.

In 2018, Council renewed its waste collection contract with BSH Waste Solutions, who own and operate the waste and recycyling facilities on Gosse St.  There are two elements to this contract:

  • BSH undertakes kerbside waste collection
  • Residents are able to drop off domestic quantities of hard waste to the BSH Gosse Street facility free of charge

BSH provides a number of other services, including refundable can and bottle recycling. This is provided by BSH independent of its contract with Council.

For more information please contact BSH on 0417 816 793

Important information for the successful collection of your waste:

  • Please have your bins out the night before collection
  • Place your wheelie bin on the footpath as close as practical to the kerb or the road edge
  • Make sure the wheels of the bin are nearest your property
  • The bin must be clear of parked cars or trees and at least 300mm away from any other bin or obstruction (e.g. street light, tree)
  • Remove bin from the street verge within 24 hours of collection

Please do not:

  • Place steel, stones, concrete, soil, hot ashes or oil in your bin
  • Overload your bin, the bin lift is set at a maximum of 80kgs
  • Compact the rubbish in your bin and place heavier items in the bottom of the bin

Bins will not be collected if:

  • The lid is open
  • The bin is overloaded
  • The bin is placed incorrectly
  • The recycling or green organics bin is contaminated

Waste Management Operates from the BSH facility:

10-12 Gosse St, Roxby Downs.

phone - 0417 816 793