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Home Owner Responsibilities

Home owners are responsible for:

*All electrical wiring on the property from the main switchboard to the building and
*All wiring within the building to an electrical appliance
*All fixed appliances.

From the main switchboard to your property the homeowner is responsible for faults and repairs.

Roxby Power is responsible for the power network and infrastructure.

Electrical Work in your Home:

As a general rule, you should call a licensed tradesperson for any installation, repair or renovation work that involves electricity, gas or plumbing services. The Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Regulations 2010 explains that although there are some tasks you can legally perform yourself, you must take reasonable steps to ensure the work is safe, or you risk a fine or prosecution.

In accordance with the regulations and provided you have the skills to safely do so, you may:

  • install a TV or radio transmission device, eg an antenna
  • replace a fuse and reset circuit breakers
  • test safety switches
  • change smoke detector batteries
  • replace light globes
  • clean your solar photovoltaic panels.

When to call a Licensed Tradesperson:

You must use a licensed electrician for all other types of electrical work in your home and a certificate of compliance should be issued for all work completed.  This includes work such as installation or repairs to:

  • the electrical wiring on your property, from the main switchboard to the building
  • wiring within the building to an electrical appliance
  • any work on fixed electrical appliances (eg: air-conditioner, oven, heaters)

Safety First:

Stop using an electrical appliance and call a licensed electrician immediately if you see damage to wiring insulation, socket outlets, appliance cords or the electrical switchboard or your circuit breakers keep tripping.

Electrical faults in your home may be indicated by:

  • lights dimming when you turn electrical appliances on
  • receiving shocks or tingles from electrical appliances or water pipes.

Call a licensed electrician immediately.

Further information:

Electrical Safety

Safety Switches

Recalls and Warnings

Electricity meters, and the electricity distribution network in Roxby Downs are the responsibility of Roxby Power.