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Emergency Information

During an emergency, please tune into RoxFM (105.5 FM) for emergency updates.
Where possible Roxby Council will also provide important updates via the Roxby Council Facebook Page.

Power Outages:

  • Have a written and practised Power Outage Plan

    • Necessary phone numbers (000, contacts of family members, medical services, your local council, numbers for different types of emergencies)

    • Information about your emergency kit (who is in charge of the kit, the location)

  • Switch off all appliances to prevent any power surges when power is restored to your property

  • There may not be access to ATM’s during a power outage, so it's a good idea to have some emergency cash stored in your home.

  • Prepare an emergency kit

    • A charged phone or landline that does not rely on power

    • A mobile phone charger that works in the car

    • Alternative lighting such as torches or candles

    • Alternative sources for cooking, heating or cooling

    • Sufficient water and food supply

    • Battery operated radio to get regular updates on whether conditions and outages

    • First aid kit

    • Batteries

    • Basic tool kit

    • Suitable fire extinguisher and fire blanket

    • Whistle in case you need to attract attention


  • Have a written and practised bushfire survival plan

    • Consider whether you will leave early or if you will stay and defend

    • Consider your mental and physical abilities

    • Consider those that are living at your property (Do they have a health or disability issue)

    • Is your property prepared if the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme

  • Prepare your homes and property

    • Fuel-reduced area cleared of flammable materials

    • Make sure if you plan to defend  your home that your house meets the latest Building code of Australia for building in bush-fire prone areas

  • Prepare an emergency kit

    • First aid kits

    • Portable torches

    • Batteries

    • Battery operated radio

    • Sufficient water and food supply

    • Petrol or diesel pump and generator

    • Appropriate clothing

    • Hoses

    • Street directory in case you need to drive unfamiliar areas

    • Whistle in case you need to attract attention

    • Basic tool kit

    • Suitable fire extinguisher and fire blanket

Severe Weather:

  • Have a written and practised severe weather survival plan

    • Keep a list of emergency numbers (CFS, 000, Family members etc.)

  • Check if you have adequate insurance cover for your building, contents and vehicle

  • Move cars undercover

  • Secure loose outdoor items such as outdoor furniture, children play equipment etc.

  • Unplug electrical appliances that may be affected by power surges. If power is lost, unplug major appliances to reduce the power surge and possible damage when power is restored.

  • Prepare your homes and property

    • Regularly trim branches in your yard.

    • Inspect roofs, gutters and downpipes (remove leaf litter and rubbish, secure loose roof tiles or metal sheets, make repairs)

    • Keep your yard clutter free (put away loose items)

    • Put cars undercover (if there is no cover place a blanket over the car and park away from trees)

  • Prepare an emergency kit

    • Alternative light in case the power goes out

    • First aid kit

    • Batteries
    • Sufficient water and food supply

    • Whistle in case you need to attract attention

Damage after Emergency

  • If you notice trees, light poles or signs down around in your area please contact Roxby Council on 8671 0010 (after hours select Option 2)

  • If you see lost pets please contact Roxby Council 8671 0010 so the rightful owners can be located.  (after hours select Option 1)

  • If there is damage to your house, and you are renting, please contact your real estate agent.