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About Roxby Water

Roxby Water is a Division of Roxby Downs Council.    Roxby Water Logo

Council’s appointment as a Water Distribution and Sewerage Authority for the Roxby Downs Township arises as a result of Section 13 of the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act.

Section 13 requires Council to comply with standards normally applicable by SA Water, and specifies that Council should take practical efforts in sewerage effluent wastewater re-use, specifies how much we can pay for water and also that profits can be transferred back to the Municipality.

Water for Roxby Downs, Olympic Dam and the mine site is sourced from the Great Artesian Basin near the southern and eastern areas of Lake Eyre. Pumped some 200 km south to a desalination plant on the BHP mining lease, water is then cooled, desalinated and stored for later distribution. Water for the township is then pumped some 10km to a covered water supply dam on the outskirts of town.

Roxby Water purchases water from BHP at a predetermined price set out in the Indenture. Council  checks the quality against water quality standards and if needed, chlorinates the water at our pump station before pumping to residents within the township via approximately 35 km of pipe work.

Roxby water is of high quality, has a small amount of natural fluoride and is low in dissolved solids. Water has been tested and compared against a range of other urban water supplies and bottled water with favourable results.