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Scheduled Outages

  • There are currently no scheduled water outages for Roxby Downs.  

A planned or scheduled water outage or water pressure issue may arise when Roxby Water are undertaking water network maintenance or another town infrastructure project that requires water to be temporarily turned off. When completing such work Roxby Water aim to do so with minimal interruption to town water supply.  Ocassionaly, however, Roxby Water will need to temporarily turn off town water whilst the work takes place.

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  • NO WATER ?

Water is an important and vital resource - your help in reporting issues is vital to us and will help Roxby Water attend to the issue as soon as possible.  Quick reporting of a water issue will help reduce water loss and wastage.

If you have no water or low water pressure and you have checked your property please:

Call Roxby Water on 8671 0010 (out of office hours - please also call this number as it will be attended by an after hours officer)

Send an email to

Unless the outage is an emergency Roxby Water will give residents at least three business days notice of the planned water interruption.  Such notice will be delivered through a variety of platforms including information posted around key gathering points in town (eg: the town mall, Roxby Community Library, Community Hub), social media, radio (RoxFM), website and letter drop.

Planned water interruptions will be published on this website and residents and businesses will be notified.  Scheduled Water Interruption notices will contain information regarding times and dates of the work, maps indicating town areas which will be impacted, the type of work being undertaken, tips for preparing for a water outage and contact details for questions or concerns.

If the town water outage is an emergency or has resulted from an incident in the water network information will be posted on the Roxby Council Facebook page.  If the unplanned water outage is very significant*  the details will also be posted on this website.*eg: impacts several streets or a section of town and occurs during extreme weather and is expected to be lengthy (more than 2 hours).