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Community Foodies

Multicultural Cooking Techniques

30 May 2017


Community Foodies is a locally based nutrition program that promotes and supports healthy eating in the community. Foodies are specially trained local volunteers who have a knack for cooking, food preparation and a passion for spreading healthy cooking and eating messages. Through demonstrations, events and tastings, the Foodies encourage people to make healthier food choices. They work in conjunction with forums, community groups and local schools. Last week the Foodies demonstrated healthy multicultural cooking techniques and flavours with the year 9 Students at the Roxby Downs Area School. Penny Knott, a local trained Foodie and Multicultural Forum member volunteered to showcase Asian cuisine and the students got to taste the fresh flavours and enjoy the aromas of a delicious Chinese Noodle Dish. They also got to practice their chopstick technique, some for the very first time. The event was enjoyed by the students and Penny’s time was a valuable contribution to their learning.

Foodies Training Session #2

2 March 2017

Foodies-Training-2---2017-03-02The Foodies held their second training session where Jane Gloster and Kelly Reid spoke to the Foodies about 'Foodie Life'.

Over the 6 week period of training to become a Community Foodie, there is a lot of theory and prac covered so it is important to have real Foodies to give a glimpse into what can be expected as a qualified Foodie!

Both Jane and Kelly gave some examples of recent activities, programs and opportunities they have been involved in since the program’s inception in early 2016.

Toddler Story Time and Foodies make Owls

28 and 31 March 2017

Toddler Story Time with Foodies - OwlsThe Community Foodies teamed up with the Library for Toddler Story Time showing the kids how to make Owl Toast demonstrating the elements of a healthy breakfast. The Story was 'The Man with the Messy Hair' by Pamela Allen and the kids went across to the Community Youth Centre to create their healthy breakfast with many choices of delicious healthy options.

Over two sessions, over 40 kids enjoyed making themselves healthy ‘Owl toasts’ to demonstrate Community Foodie Key messages such as – Eat breakfast every day, Eat more Fruit and Vegetables, Eat more wholegrains.

The kids did enjoy creating and devouring their little masterpieces!

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