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Inspection Policy

Inspection Policy

Roxby Downs has many food premises within the township from restaurant facilities to home based activities and food stalls at Market Days.

The Public and Environmental Health department from the City of Salisbury Council(on behalf of Roxby Downs Council) conduct random inspections of all food premises, including food vans and stalls. The frequency of the inspections are based on a risk rating assessment.

The purpose of inspections is to ensure and assess premises, educate handlers of food and enforce the relevant requirements and objectives of the, Food Act 2001, Food Regulations 2002, and Food Safety Standards.

Inspections on premises may include the assessment of:

  • Structural condition of the premises
  • Cleanliness of premises and equipment
  • Food handler's level of hygiene
  • Food handling practices
  • Food storage

Inspections under the Food Act 2001 are subject to fees and charges.