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Methods of Payment

Customer Responsibilities:

Water is an essential and precious resource.   We need it to keep healthy, we use it for cooking food, watering plants and pets, it is also an important element for cooling and heating.

Roxby Water supplies township water and requires payment for it on a pay-after-use basis.

Budgeting to meet the cost of water usage is the responsibility of every household and business.
Council provides a variety of payment methods and options to help customers meet their expenses.  For example, you might find it easier to pay monthly installments towards your next quarterly bill.

Roxby Water  - Supply Terms and Conditions

If you can't pay your bill by the due date:
If you are unable to pay on-time, it’s important that you contact Council BEFORE the pay-by date.

If you do not pay on time, you will be charged additional fees for sending out Reminder Notices.  If the bill remains unpaid Roxby Water will refer your debt to a collection agency.

Pay your bill on time to save money and avoid inconvenience!

Methods of Payment:
You can pay your Water bill by various methods:
* in-person at the Council office (cash, cheque or credit card)
* by mail (cheque only)
* electronic funds transfer from your bank account
* electronic funds transfer using BPAY
* automatic direct debit from a savings or credit card account
Note – some options are not available for Flexipay (monthly
installments) and Payment Arrangements

Roxby Water - Direct Debit Authorisation

Roxby Water - Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

Roxby Water - Payment Arrangement Request

New Customers: When signing up for an electricity account customers must specifically advise us if they would like to opt in for eBilling.  Otherwise accounts will be sent in the mail.  The Application for Supply of Electricity has an option to receive accounts via email.

Existing Customers: Need to Opt in to eBilling using the eBilling Opt-in Form

Please go to the Roxby Water Forms page for forms relating to:

Cancelling a direct debit
Refund requests
Interim Account Requests                                                                                                                                                                   Water Leakage Allowance Request