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Leaks on your property

If you have identified, or suspect a water leak, on your property it is important to take action quickly to avoid wastage and the potential for a higher than usual water account.

Leaks on your property are the responsibility of the property owner.  If you are a tenant you need to contact your landlord or real-estate agent for assistance.

Detecting leaks on your property:

Common suspect areas for property based leaks are the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, toilet.  Check for leaking taps, poor water connections to devices and damp patches on your walls or floor.

Common leaks on your property outside of your home - check outdoor garden hoses, taps and irrigation, exposed pipework, hot water systems, air-conditioning systems, damp or unstable hard surfaces (eg: paving, concreting).

Leak at a work meter:

Have a good look at the water meter on your property.   If the leak is before the last fitting of the water meter you need to contact Roxby Water.  If the leak is after the last fitting of the water meter the leak is the responsibility of the property owner.