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Suspension / Cancellations

As advised in an email to all members; all patrons whose membership was put on complimentary suspension when we closed was automatically resumed from 16/06/2020 with an additional 7 days access added free of charge, unless a request for cancellation or suspension is submitted.  All visit passes have been extended by 3 months, which is just longer than the period we were closed for.

Please read the below information and decide whether suspension or cancellation best suits you.

Terms and Conditions for Suspension of a Pulse Fitness Membership.
  • Minimum suspension period is 4 days and maximum is 14 days for monthly/FIFO memberships.
  • Direct Debit members may only suspend for a 1 month period.
  • A valid reason must be provided in order to apply for a Suspension of your Membership. (i.e. medical reasons, extended holidays)
  • Suspensions may be granted for an extended period if medical or unforeseen circumstances apply and this will be at the discretion of management and documentation may be required.
  • Only applicable to six monthly or direct debit memberships

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