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SALA 2020 - Grounded in Culture

Grounded in Culture
  • Exhibition/Show
27th Jul 2020 - 31st Aug 2020

Grounded In Culture Exhibition

On display at the Roxbylink Gallery from Wednesday 15 July to Monday 3 August 2020.
The work will also be displayed in an online gallery below throughout the SALA festival 27 July - 31 August 2020.

A very personal exhibition in Roxby Downs from local Aboriginal artists residing in the community. The exhibition has been called ‘Grounded in Culture’ to cement the sentiments of the artists and their cultural roots.

The Minyma Talk group is an Aboriginal Women’s networking group specifically set up for Aboriginal Women, Aboriginal Children and partners of Aboriginal men. The group provides a safe place and an outlet for social interaction, expand and teach their talents, support one another and promote their overall state of mind and well-being.

The artists have experimented with different mediums to display a unique collection of art works.

A special thanks to all involved:

Kerry Orr, Demmy Orr, Jodi Fereti, Sandy Gibb, Marlene Walker, Lizzi Bancroft, Rose Miller and CJ Clancy.

View the online gallery here:

Grounded in Culture