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Owner Responsibilities

Pets can be great companions and research suggests that they have many health and well being benefits.  Owning a pet is rewarding and comes with important responsibilities.  Your responsibilities as an animal owner ranges from ensuring your pet has a safe and secure living environment with adequate food and water to ensuring that your pet is exercised and entertained.  In public you must ensure your pet is properly controlled and well behaved.

Dog Owners:

As a dog owner in Roxby Downs you are required to:

  • Register your dog(s) at 3 months of age
  • Microchip your dog before it reaches 12 weeks of age or within 28 days of taking ownership of the dog.
  • De-sexing is also compulsory for all new generations of dogs (born after 1 July 2018) before the dog is 6 months of age or within 28 days after the owner first takes possession of the dog, whichever is the later. Exemptions may apply in certain situations and should be discussed with Council.
  • Register your dog(s) each year and self-update the Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) system of any changes of address, death or dog disposal
  • Apply for a permit if you wish to keep/house more than 2 dogs at your place of residence
  • Prevent the dog from barking to the annoyance or nuisance of others
  • Pick up after your defecating dog(s) in a public place
  • A dog must not attack, harass or chase a person, animal or bird, whether or not actual injury is caused
  • You must not allow your dog(s) to wander unsupervised
  • In public places you must walk/run your dog(s) on a chain, cord or leash not exceeding 2 metres in length; the only exceptions is if you are within the confines of a designated off leash parks.

Cat Owners:

As a cat owner in Roxby Downs:

  • Must not keep a cat in the Council’s area for more than 14 days unless the cat is registered in accordance with the 2015 Cats By-Law
  • Apply for a permit if you wish to keep more than 2 cats at your place of residence
  • Your cat(s) must not cause nuisance (interfere with the peace and comfort of a person, must not create unpleasant noise or odour, must not wander onto land without the consent of the owner or occupier)

If you do not follow the above conditions of dog ownership you risk an expiation under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and 2016 Dogs By-Law and 2016 Cats By-Law.