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Expiations and Fines

The Dog and Cat Management Board, a statutory board in South Australia, largely set the fines and expiations for dog and cat owners who break the rules.  Council's also have significant powers to investigate offences.

Examples of expiations set by the Dog and Cat Management Board of South Australia include:

  • Failure to pick up after your dog - $210 expiation
  • Failure to register your pet - $170 minimum
  • Wandering at large - $210 to $2500
  • Excessive dog barking - $315 minimum
  • Allowing your dog to attack, chase or menace another person or animal is a $315 expiation, or $750 if your dog is a prescribed breed (American Pit Bull Terrier, Fila Braziliero, Japanese Tosa, Dog Argentinia, Presa Canario)
  • A new maximum penalty of $5000 is now possible for allowing a prescribed breed to wander, attack or enter the grounds of a school or childcare centre without permission.

The many benefits of dog and cat ownership come with responsibility. Not only do we need to properly care for our dogs and cats, but we need to think about the impact of our pets on our neighbours and local community.

Dog and Cat Management Board Secretary (2017) Andrew Lamb

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