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Roxby Downs Council undertake and facilitate strategic projects to support the development of services and facilities for the community.  Ultimately creating a great town in which to live, work and relax.

A significant amount of work is being done behind the scenes to ensure that these projects are designed and implemented in-line with community needs and desires.  In most cases these projects go to Public Consultation prior to final approval. Council also partner with other organisations, businesses and community groups to deliver smaller ad hoc projects which also contribute to the overall amenity and comfort of the community.

Significant Council project prorities are identified in the Annual Business Plan & Budget 2018-19(2014 kb).  


2018-2019 Key Projects include:

  • Multi-purpose pump track  Roxby Pump Track Proposal

  • Female friendly multi-use change rooms (Main Ovals)

  • Emu Walk upgrade

  • Hermit St nature based playspace

  • Off leash dog park

  • Richardson Place rotunda and public facilities upgrade

  • Lions park upgrade

  • Road resurfacing

  • Stormwater improvements


 Other collaborative projects:

  • Remote vehicle removal - BSH Waste Solutions, Roxby Council, Environment Forum and BHP


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