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Town power outage July 2018

During the period commencing Tuesday 10 July 2018 to Sunday 15 July 2018 Roxby Power will be undertaking a major maintenance inspection of theTownship High Voltage Distribution System.
There will be a series of rolling power outages within the township so that equipment may be accessed for inspection and maintenance works.  Every effort will be made to limit the inconvenience it may cause.

Town power outage July 2018 updated schedule(1094 kb)


1 . Please read the map and table carefully, as it  determines when your outage will occur.

2 . Determine which zone you are in .

3. Plan ahead for the scheduled power outage in your area.



Work is being undertaken by qualified specialists, and this work includes:

  • Inspection and washing of high voltage cables and joints.
  • Inspection, maintenance and test operation of High Voltage switches and fuses.
  • Inspection of Low Voltage cable joints, switches and fuse carriers in the transformers.
  • Taking oil samples, replacing oil in some transformers, and checking for oil leaks.
  • Testing of transformer windings and insulation.

We expect all work to be completed within the time limits published, however issues that arise on the day may necessitate work taking longer than planned. If the supply is not restored before or exactly on time then there is a reason for it. We request all customers to be patient if the supply is late in being switched back on. Please allow at least 30 minutes before reporting delays in restoration.

• The zone areas are dictated by the layout of the electrical distribution system, and are designed to minimise inconvenience to consumers while allowing maximum efficiency in the undertaking of the switching processes.

The time period selected to undertake this work is set by 2 factors:

  • The availability of the contractor, and
  • The optimum weather patterns that prevail in July - providing the most predictable periods for mild temperatures, with the least expectancy for rain or extreme heat.


  • This work is required to be undertaken as part of the Roxby Power distribution licence.
  • Because Roxby Power contractors must work on all the cables and switches, we must fully isolate each work area completely.
  • Where possible, commercial outages will occur at night, or on weekends to minimize impact on any business operations.

Mild temperatures provide good working conditions both physically for the workers and mechanically for the equipment.  Mild weather also provides the best conditions to turn the power off, as customers have a much lesser demand for air-conditioning and the adverse effects on fridges and freezers are much less.

Should rain occur then some outages may not be undertaken, and will need to be rescheduled.  This work cannot be effectively undertaken in wet conditions.


Residents and businesses affected by this scheduled power outage will recieve all of these details directly in their mailbox.
Keep watch on the Roxby Council Facebook page for any updates.

Questions: Roxby Power - 8671 0010.





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