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The Roxby Downs Council has received a proposal from the Rotary Club of Roxby District to consider naming the park located in Curdimurka Street – ‘Rotary Park’. 



Public Consultation Curdimurka st Park


In accordance with the Council’s Public Consultation Policy  the proposal is now open for public comment.    



The park area located in Curdimurka Street has not been officially named.  Rotary has had a long association with the park and has already contributed improvements including a paved pathway, seating and, in part, external fencing.  Council has also made improvements to the park including toilets, play equipment and shade.  As a result it has become one of the most popular parks in Roxby Downs.

This year Rotary celebrates its 10th anniversary in Roxby Downs and, in recognition of this milestone event, would like to undertake a significant community project. The Rotary Club has identified the park in Curdimurka Street as its preferred project due to the positive social benefits for children and adults. Rotary would like to support the further development of the park through a donation of a permanent barbecue area as well as the installation of interpretive signage noting the history attached to the park and its development. Council would be asked to facilitate connection to power for the BBQ.

Rotary has extensive connections across the community including the presentation of the annual Christmas pageant and, along with a number of volunteer organisations, has created a solid partnership at many other community events. 

To recognise this milestone year and the Rotary commitment to development of the park, Rotary has proposed that the park be officially named “Rotary Park”.

The site is designated as Crown Land under the care, control and management of Council.  In accordance with Council’s Public Consultation Policy relating to Community Land, assignment of a name to a reserve should be subject to an appropriate level of community consultation prior to approving the name. It is proposed that the community consultation include a letter to residents in the two streets directly connected to the park - Curdimurka Street and Mulgaria Crescent, and to provide the general community with the opportunity to respond to the proposal via a community consultation survey that will be open for a period of 22 days.


Online Survey:

Printed copies of the survey are also available at the Council office on Richardson Place and at the Roxbylink community library.


Your input is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to or contact Roxby Council on 8671 0010.

The public consultation period will run from Monday 9 April until close of business on Monday 30 April, 2018.

Roy Blight

Chief Executive

9 April 2018


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